Six months of free Apple Music coming to new Rogers Infinite wireless plans

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Just in time for the "iPhone 12," Canadian carrier Rogers is giving new customers of select Infinite data plans six free months of Apple Music.

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple

Rogers' offer applies to customers who sign up for a Rogers Infinite 20 or Infinite 50 plan. If a user lives in Quebec, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan, the offer kicks in for the Rogers Infinite 15 or 20 plans.

The offer is available to both new or existing subscribers of Apple Music, and can be redeemed through the MyRogers app on iOS or Android.

Users have 90 days to redeem the offer after signing up for a plan, and it's not applicable to either family or student subscriptions.

Rogers is currently the only Canadian carrier to offer a free Apple Music promotion. In the U.S., some of Verizon's unlimited plans also feature bundled Apple Music subscriptions.


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    I can see from all the comments here that there’s a lot of excitement about Rogers‘ offerings.
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    chasmchasm Posts: 2,522member
    Ah, the misinterpretation of presented data to fit one's personal views ...

    Has it occurred to you that Canadian readers make up a relatively small percentage of AI's mostly-US audience, and that the portion of said Canadian readership that is already a customer or likely to become a customer of Rogers is a small portion fo said readership?

    Not to mention that in truth, only the tiniest of tiny slivers of AI's overall readership ever posts a comment, ever. I'd be very shocked if the total number of active forum posters represented anything over -- and I'm being incredibly generous here -- two percent of AI's average traffic.

    But, since you want a comment, here's mine: this is a nice icing on the cake, but it by itself would not be enough to get me to change carriers. Also, I already subscribe to Apple Music. Hence my previous lack of comment, even though I am in that "one percent or so" of readers who could conceivably have an interest in this.
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