Ex-Disney, Hulu, Quibi executive Tim Connolly joins Apple TV+

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Tim Connolly has been hired by Apple to work on Apple TV+, in a move believed to be related to creating bundling deals and growing its Apple TV Channels.

As is typical for the television industry, Apple TV+ is continuing to see some executives depart for rivals while others join from those same companies. The latest hire is Tim Connolly, a long-time TV industry executive with a range of experience at streaming services.

According to The Telegraph, and confirmed in his own LinkedIn profile, Connolly has joined Apple in an unspecified role within the company's video services.

Connolly is unusual for a television executive in that he has extensive experience in technology. That includes an extended stint at Ericsson where he was various responsibilities for managing the company's hardware and software. After that, he joined Disney and while he left before Disney+ launched, he was chiefly responsible for digital and new product development.

After Disney, Connolly spent four years at Hulu before most recently being hired to work on partnerships and advertising for the short-form video service Quibi.


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    Ohhhh nooooo! There has got to be a smarter way to bring death to Quibi besides bringing its “intellectectual” “talent” in-house.
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    I have to agree with Robin Huber. Anyone who threw in with Quibi has some kind of warped sense of what makes good TV. Maybe he's a good wheeler dealer. But keep him away from programming choices!
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    I’ll get some arrows in my back for suggesting this, but I think Apple should get an exclusive deal with Bob Iger, former CEO of Disney, and his production company.
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    BeatsBeats Posts: 3,073member
    How old is Quibi? How long before he left? Sounds like a job hopper.

    A problem with TV+ is that employees do not have the same loyalty as Apple hardware employees who are there for life.
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    Seems to have changed jobs pretty often. Then again, Apple knows best.
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    Fourth job is the charm?  Couldn't cut it at Disney, nor Hulu, and not even Quibi (never heard of it) and now he's going to try AppleTV+?
    When executives fail they get a golden parachute and then they land on new unbroken ground and simply dig another hole.  This happens again and again until they retire or they go to prison for fraud, theft, etc. Sometimes they turn out to be an absolute clown who was constantly promoted over the years just to get rid of the incredible idiot. 

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