Apple details new Apple Watch faces coming to watchOS 7 in short video

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Apple unveiled a new set of watch faces for watchOS 7 on Tuesday, and further detailed the options in a new short video clip.

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple

The company debuted the watch faces at its "Time Flies" event on Tuesday. Although announced alongside the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, the watch faces will be available for the Series 4 and Series 5 as part of watchOS 7.

A few hours after the event, Apple posted a video featuring Alan Dye, Apple vice president of Human Interface Design, explaining the design and features of the new watch face options.

Here are all of the faces detailed in the video.
  • The GMT watch face displays multiple time zones simultaneously, and also takes into account a user's physical location.

  • The Count Up face lets users track lapsed time from any given point.

  • The Chronograph Pro is inspired by classic racing watches and features multiple time scales and a tachymeter, which can measure speed based on travel time over a given distance.

  • Users can display numerals in three different styles and four different scripts on the Typograph face. Each setting is tailored to fit the watch face "perfectly."

  • The Art watch face, created in collaboration with Jeff McFetridge, features millions of different stylized face combinations, with a new one appearing each time you raise your wrist.

  • The Memoji face brings your custom created characters to your watch face, with each Memoji reacting to touch inputs.

  • The Stripes face features customizable stripes that can be tailored by number of stripes, color and rotation. Apple showed off a few different variations, such as faces with a rainbow Pride stripes and others that support sports teams.

  • "The watch face is the most powerful and personal aspect of Apple Watch," Dye said. "Our approach to face design starts with a deep respect for the history of timekeeping. We combine that sense of craft with the powerful technologies and capabilities of Apple Watch to create these new faces."

    The new faces will be limited to the Apple Watch Series 4 and newer, meaning that the current Apple Watch Series 3 won't get access to them. Users will be able to try out and use the new face options in watchOS 7, which officially launches on Wednesday, Sept. 16.


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    So basically, “Let them eat cake!” How about this radical idea - let people crate their own watch faces and exchange / sell them instead of the Apple “gods” tossing us few new ones each years. What a boring event. Didn’t leave me excited about anything. Hope the new phone and AS announcements will actually bring something usefully new. 
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    They seriously need to open up the SDK to allow for custom faces.  Yeah, it would likely mean the end of the Hermès edition, though the straps could still sell. But I have a hard time believing Apple is making much money on that deal. (Probably enough for the minuscule effort required on their part though)

    im wondering if the series 6 does away with the original set of faces (like the Mickey/Minnie faces) or are they still available?
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    bbhbbh Posts: 117member
    At last..They have one that mimics the Rolex Chronograph. All is good.
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