Xbox app that can stream games to iPhone in beta, is 'coming soon'

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Microsoft will soon release an app with a remote play feature that will let users stream Xbox One games to their iOS devices, according to a new report.

Credit: Microsoft
Credit: Microsoft

Cloud-based game streaming apps, like Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia, are barred from the App Store. But games that simply mirror content from a device are allowed, and a few days ago, Microsoft teased that it was working on such a system.

Now, The Verge reports that Microsoft's iPhone streaming app is "coming soon." The company is currently testing the app with TestFlight members, likely meaning that it'll arrive on the consumer-facing App Store soon.

Specifically, the app will feature a Remote Play ability so that users can stream content from an Xbox One to an iPhone. That's similar to existing systems like PS4 Remote Play from Sony.

The remote play feature won't solve the issue that's at the center of an ongoing feud between Apple and Microsoft, however.

Apple doesn't allow apps to stream games from the cloud on iOS or iPadOS, requiring each individual game to have its own App Store page. That has received criticism from Microsoft, who accused the Cupertino tech giant of treating gaming apps "differently."

Earlier in September, Apple loosened existing rules to allow "catalog" apps where users could sign up for a service, but it did not change the restrictions on cloud gaming. Microsoft still criticized the changes.


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    The most interesting parts of this hyperbolic coverage of Microsoft’s video game streaming efforts are:

    1. iOS streaming APIs have been available for years and Microsoft chose not to use them and AppleInsider chose not to point out this truth to readers to stick with the industry wide Apple is bad theme. 

    2. The coverage by AppleInsider and others will quickly cease after Microsoft’s streaming product becomes available on Apple’s App Store. 

    3. Amazon’s Luna is a 100% cloud experience that works via Safari and shows that Amazon can do what Microsoft is incapable of doing or Microsoft chose not to do in an attempt to get a free ride on Apple’s iPhone. 
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    PlayStation app and PS4 has being doing this since iOS 13. 

    About time Xbox added this. 
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