'AirPods Studio' production reportedly hits snag, 'AirTags' could debut in November

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Apple's rumored "AirPods Studio" headphones have reportedly been delayed in production and won't be ready to ship until December, while the long-rumored "AirTags" could see a release in November.

The new information comes from prolific leaker Jon Prosser, who tweeted updates for both of the products on Wednesday. Both Apple's tracking tags and its rumored over-ear headphones were previously expected to see a release at the company's Oct. 13 event.

Technically, this means that (if everything goes smoothly and no further issues arise) they could still announce in November and ship in December.

But it's also just as likely that B515 (AirPods Studio) don't see release until March 2021.

I'll do my best to keep you updated.

-- Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser)

However, according to the leaker, "AirPods Studio" has experienced a major hiccup in production and Apple has cut a "few key features." Whether functionality will return in software is unclear, though it is highly unlikely that Apple is removing hardware features this late in the game. The leaker added that the company still needs to work out some details before final units can start shipping.

As far as a release date, Prosser said that, if all goes smoothly, Apple could unveil "AirPods Studio" in November before shipping them in December. That would be the best case scenario, and the leaker added that it's just as likely that the rumored over-ear headphones could be delayed until next spring.

"AirTags", on the other hand, are reportedly done and ready for a release. Prosser said that they're scheduled to debut with iOS 14.3, which will contain software features that enable the Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband tracking tags.

Unlike AirPods Studio, AirTags are and have been done & ready. It's not even about production timelines for this product, at this point.

It basically comes down to when Apple *feels* it's the right time to put them out.

-- Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser)

Apple is currently on its iOS 14.2 beta testing cycle, with a golden master for the interim iOS 14.1 released to developers on Tuesday. Prosser said iOS 14.3 is due to drop in November, suggesting the software is being tested internally.

"AirPods Studio" are rumored to be a pair of Apple-branded over-ear headphones with premium audio quality, noise-cancellation technology, and Apple's U1 chip for "orientational awareness." "AirTags," on the other hand are Bluetooth and UWB tracking tags that users can attach to items for location tracking in the Find My app.

Prosser has a hit-or-miss record when it comes to accurately predicting Apple's future plans, but the leaker has fielded accurate forecasts in the past.


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    Production problems = I guessed wrong. No technical details on the problem or what is supposed to be removed? Give me a break. 
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    Rayz2016Rayz2016 Posts: 6,957member
    jdb8167 said:
    Production problems = I guessed wrong. No technical details on the problem or what is supposed to be removed? Give me a break. 
    I was coming here to post the same thing. 

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