Apple security chief Thomas Moyer indicted in concealed firearm permit bribery case



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    tylersdad said:
    flydog said:

    mobird said:
    Is the Apple Chief Security Officer Thomas Moyer still employed at Apple?
    Why wouldn't he be?  Did he steal something from Apple?  Jerk off in his office? Not show up for work?   There's nothing here to suggest he committed any misconduct while in the scope of his employment. 
    He attempted to bribe a public official. I can't think of a single company that would allow someone to stay on their roster of employees after that. 
    Correction, he was shaken down in an extortion racket. That is, he was the victim being forced to provide tribute. Your analysis indicates you failed utterly to understand what is happening.
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    fahlman said:
    nikon1 said:
    So these 2 CLOWNS (Moyer & Chadha) risked their careers and wanted to avoid paying between $200 & $400 to legitimately get their CCW legally?  They should be imprisioned for pure greed and stupidity.

    What a pair of Morons!
    Reading comprehension and knowledge of the process is important if you're going to personally attack someone by calling them a moron. In many places the local law enforcement entity is required to approve the issuance of a concealed carry permit. Moyer and Chadha were not trying to avoid paying the fee, as you claim. In this case Undersheriff Sung held up issuing CCW licenses until Moyer and Chadha paid him a bribe. Who's the moron now?
    They both participated in a conspiracy and bribe with a public official with the clear understanding that their "payment or merchandise" would result in them receiving ccw permits that would not normally be issued. It's an illegal quid pro quo and the Grand Jury found it to be a felony criminal act. 
    So, in your view, victims of extortion rackets are criminals. Would you have taken such an unjust and warped position if the permit being sought was not for carriage of arms? Are you always a defender of extortion rackets?
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    davgreg said:
    Sounds like an attempted shakedown by the PoPo.

    Apparently the price of the permits was the shakedown price instead of the proper fee.
    Proper fee AND the shakedown.
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