Apple names its 2020 picks for best books, audiobooks, and podcasts

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As the year is coming to a close, Apple has taken time to announce its yearly picks for its favorite media -- today, it highlights the best books, audiobooks, and podcasts of 2020.

"Code Switch," by NPR, has been named Apple Podcasts: Show of the Year. The podcast, which debuted in 2016, tackles the subject of race head-on. Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Demby host it.

Apple also included a list of favorites, including the New York Time's "Rabbit Hole," The Washington Post's "Canary: The Washington Post Investigates," and iHeartRadio's "How To Citizen with Baratunde," among others. Interested listeners can view the full list in the Apple Podcasts app on iOS devices, as well as macOS.

The 2020 list of best books includes titles like Brit Bennett's "The Vanishing Half," Elin Hilderbrand's "28 Summers," and "Deep State" by Chris Haughty. Apple's full list can be viewed in the Apple Books app.

Apple's pick for best audiobooks this year includes Jessica Simpson's "Open Book," Natasha Thetheway's "Memorial Drive," and "Caste: The Origins of our Discontents," by Isabel Wilkerson -- a title that has been featured as part of Oprah's Book Club.

Apple has also highlighted the top-selling books and audiobooks, and the year's biggest podcasts. All lists can be viewed in their respective apps.


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    alanhalanh Posts: 75member
    Read the title and thought, "That’s a LOT of picks!" :o

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    fred1fred1 Posts: 1,092member
    alanh said:
    Read the title and thought, "That’s a LOT of picks!" :o

     :D   I would have stuck to a round number, like 2000 picks. 
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    alanh said:
    Read the title and thought, "That’s a LOT of picks!" :o

    With 2020 picks, I hope the AI podcast, Space Javelin and Batman v Superman - Minute by Minute made the cut!!
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