Developers can now generate App Clip codes, update privacy 'nutrition labels'

in iOS edited December 2020
Following the release of iOS 14.3 on Monday, Apple announced developers are now able to take advantage of App Clips and app privacy "nutrition labels," two features that expand the utility and security of the company's mobile platform.

Developer App Clips

Announced at WWDC 2020 in June, App Clips are bite-sized versions of apps that provide users easy access to core software features without a large download.

For example, a user can quickly pay for a meal or rent a scooter by scanning a special App Clip code, downloading a small part of a third-party app from the App Store and completing the transaction. The process is triggered by the Camera app, an NFC tag, Safari banner, Messages link or Place Card in Maps, and integrates with platform tools like Apple Pay and Sign in with Apple.

Starting today, developers can generate App Clips for their software in App Store Connect or with the new command line App Clip Code Generator, the latter of which enables batch generation functionality.

Once an App Clip is downloaded, users have the option of downloading the entire app or relegating the snippet to the Recently Used App Clips category in the iOS App Library for later recall.

Separately, Apple informed developers that app privacy labels -- so-called "nutrition labels" -- are now live on the App Store. The feature requires app makers to disclose certain information, such as data use in third-party advertising, analytics, or product personalization, to users.

The initiative kicked off on Nov. 5 through App Store Connect and became a requirement for new apps and updates as of Dec. 8.

In its reminder today, Apple said developers can update privacy label answers at any time without resubmitting an app or going through the app review process.

Users can take advantage of both App Clips and privacy labels with iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3, which saw release earlier today.


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    If Facebook’s “nutrition label” was equated to actual food, the food would kill you in an instant. Just look at the list of items it has compared to other apps. 
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    BeatsBeats Posts: 2,527member
    Are the "Tags" gonna look artistic or like QR codes? I've seen both artistic one and ugly QR code style one.

    Also I wrongfully remember them being called "App Tags" which was a much better name especially since the app Clips by Apple exists. Confusing.
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