Apple offers peek behind the scenes of 'Earth at Night in Color'

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Apple TV+ on Tuesday provided viewers a behind the scenes look at how camera operators and crew captured the stunning nighttime video in "Earth at Night in Color," and announced an official streaming date for the upcoming "The Snoopy Show."

The behind the scenes look at "The Earth at Night in Color" published to the Apple TV+ YouTube channel today provides a brief look at the show's equipment, videography techniques and production process.

Crew on the show turned to specialized camera setups including what looks to be a Leica APO-Telyt-R module, a modular telephoto lens for the brand's R series SLR cameras. Cinematographers often rely on adapters to mount fast -- and sometimes very old -- Leica glass onto modern video cameras.

While the clips fails to detail the hardware and software magic used to accomplish the extraodinary full-color night shots, it does illustrate the production's methodology. From elaborate underwater rigs to precarious rope setups and makeshift hides, camera operators and their teams went to great lengths to film wildlife after dark.

Crews also discussed the pains of not only getting workable material in adverse conditions like pitch black jungles and freezing tundras, but doing so without disturbing their subjects.

Filmmakers managed to capture remarkable footage of animal behavior at night, a slice of life that until now has eluded even scientists.

All six "Earth at Night in Color" episodes are streaming now on Apple TV+. For more, read AppleInsider's review.



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    This documentary series is EXCELLENT! 
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