Apple in 'prolonged' talks to acquire two John Lasseter films



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    lkrupp said:
    crowley said:
    lkrupp said:
    Oh, and for all you cancel culture warriors here, make sure you stop using internet browsers. Remember, you canceled Brendan Eich, the creator of Javascript because he dared support traditional marriage. At the very least you should disable Javascript to make your internet experience more pure. And whatever you do don’t user Firefox. Eich was a founder of Mozilla don’t you know. And the Brave browser so many of you celebrate, Eich is the CEO. So that browser is out too I guess. What browsers do you have left to use?
    How would disabling JavaScript or not using Firefox affect Eich?  

    Sounds like you’ve got a major chip on your shoulder.
    Because Javascript is Eich’s work. He invented it. If you canceled him why would you still want to rely on the work of a canceled person? Isn’t that the height of hypocrisy? 

    I don't think "cancelling" people is about denying that people who have wronged exist, it's about not wanting to support them.  Using Javascript does not support Eich, any more than watching Rosemary's Baby supports Roman Polanski, or visiting Rome supports the Caesars.  You could argue that enjoying and using such works entertains a kind of glorification of those people, but I don't hold much truck in that.  The art and the artist are different things.  The Pyramids are still an amazing spectacle even if they were erected through human suffering and blood.

    What's more Javascript is a far cry from what it was when Eich created it; if you stopped using anything that had any connection with anyone distasteful you may as well go live in the woods.

    That's what some are saying here about Lasseter, working with him tacitly endorses his comeback, and people aren't satisfied that he's been held to account for his previous actions.  I'm not sure I actually agree with that, Lasseter publicly apologised and relinquished his role at Pixar.  Nevertheless, Apple should be wary about working with people who have been exposed to a public shaming though, both in terms of clarity about the message that they are sending, and wariness that bad behaviour has actuially been reformed.
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