Support for Apple Silicon Macs coming to Zoom on Monday

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Zoom is releasing a version of its app that is compatible with Apple Silicon Macs, with the updated app capable of natively supporting Apple's M1 SoC without needing to employ Rosetta 2.

The Monday update of the video conferencing tool will include support for Apple's ARM-based CPUs, support pages for the app reveals. The desktop client will have "better support" for the M1 chip, with a separate installer to be made available from the Zoom Download Center including that compatibility.

The change is important to users that have an M1-equipped Mac mini, MacBook Air, or 13-inch MacBook Pro, as it eliminates any slowdowns caused through Rosetta 2, Apple's code translation tool for macOS Big Sur.

Other changes in the Monday update include enhancements for cloud contact integration, downloadable poll results, enhanced nonverbal feedback and reactions, the raise hand feature becoming usable by the host and co-hosts of a meeting, and improved grouping of security options when scheduling a meeting, among other changes.

Zoom becomes the latest app to support Apple Silicon chips following the hardware launches. Microsoft's Edge browser, Parallels 16, Adobe Premiere Pro, and others were all updated in the last few days with M1 compatibility.


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    Is this the version that helps Zoom’s Chinese employees confer with the Chinese government on which US-based users & calls to snoop on or ban? 
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    I'm looking forward to the upgrade. My health care provider uses VidyoConnect for telemedicine and it worked fine. 

    I quite impressed by Rosetta 2. 

    R statistics package works fine, as does Mathematica. I couldn't be more impressed by Apple's technology. 
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