Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from all at AppleInsider

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We wish you a peaceful Christmas, filled with much debate in our forums over the articles, reviews, and news that we'll be keeping you company with.

That's not just any Christmas tree. It's from Claridges in England, and was designed in collaboration with Jony Ive in 2016.
That's not just any Christmas tree. It's from Claridges in England, and was designed in collaboration with Jony Ive in 2016.

Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, this is the time of year when most of us can take a bit of a break from work. Just like you, though, there is never a time when we stop being interested in Apple, so be sure you don't miss out on any of the year-end specials we've got.

It wouldn't be much fun if we unwrapped everything all at once, so throughout the holidays and into the new year, we'll roll out articles that are practical, serious -- and opinionated. And, of course, we'll still be on the lookout for breaking news and hot deals, because not everybody associated with Apple takes a break for Christmas.

While we hope you get presents you love, there's nothing wrong with buying yourself a gift, either -- especially not after the year we've all had. So throughout the holiday period, we'll be singling out new products with detailed, hands-on reviews.

Thanks for reading AppleInsider in 2020. This is a fascinating time in the company's history, and it is a privilege that we get to examine and analyze it all with you.


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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 6,339member
    Have a good one, stay safe and enjoy! 
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    bageljoeybageljoey Posts: 1,974member
    Merry Christmas!
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    One of my few ‘go-to’ apps/sites. 
     Keep up the good work!  🎄
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    Thank you Mr G! Happy Christmas to you and everyone at AppleInsider... 
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    Merry Christmas to All, and happy New Year
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    Merry Christmas AI.....and everyone else as well!
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    Thanks AppleInsider! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you ! Stay safe and healthy!
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    My go to site for all things Apple. That’s the Claridge’s Hotel London Christmas tree from a few years ago, isn’t it?  Happy Holidays.
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    Merry Christmas for you and your families guys! Thanks for your good work and ethos. 
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    tzeshantzeshan Posts: 2,351member
    Merry Christmas to AI staffs and all good natured members!
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    radarthekatradarthekat Posts: 3,526moderator
    Merry Christmas to all who participate here on the message boards.  It’s an honor being a part of this and I learn so much from you all.  Looking forward to the new year.  Cheers! 
    marklarkGeorgeBMacStrangeDaysqwerty52red oak
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    bluefire1bluefire1 Posts: 1,226member
    Thanks for being my one and only source for everything Apple. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! 
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    elijahgelijahg Posts: 2,633member
    Thanks AI! And thanks for keeping us up to date and for putting up with our nerdy pedantry and arguments! Hope you all have a well deserved rest and a Merry Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas -- and a far, far, better New Year to all!
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    Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy new year! We all weathered a shite year and made it thru. Looking forward to a better 2021 and all the amazing things it will bring.
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    so many gifts
    have been opened today
    ours is the sky
    and the wide open range

    (John Denver, “Christmas for Cowboys,” Rocky Mountain Christmas, 1975.)

    Merry Christmas to all! Best wishes to everyone for 2021!
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    Merry Christmas! 

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