Second season of Apple TV+'s 'Ted Lasso' starts production

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Production has commenced on the second season of the popular sports-comedy series "Ted Lasso," which could start airing on Apple TV by summer 2021.

A second and third season of "Ted Lasso" has been confirmed to be on the way, with Apple ordering more seasons at the time the show became available on Apple TV+. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forced many productions to be delayed or postponed, but now Apple has confirmed it is starting for the show.

Time to start warming those biscuits. Production for @TedLasso Season 2 has officially begun!

-- Apple TV (@AppleTV)

"Time to start warming those biscuits," Apple posted to Twitter on its official Apple TV account. "Production for @TedLasso Season 2 has officially begun!"

Taking into consideration the usual time it takes from the start of a television production to airing, it is possible that the first few episodes of the show could arrive on Apple TV+ within months. While it will most probably be well before the end of 2021, the start of season 2 could possibly be watchable by the summer at the earliest, if COVID-19 doesn't cause too many problems.

Fans of the Jason Sudeikis and Bill Lawrence series can expect the show to run for just three seasons. In December, Lawrence advised of its limited run, hinting that it was due to Sudeikis wanting to spend more time with his children.


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