Hands on: Upgrading our workspace with the Eggtronic Wireless Charging Stone

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We take a look at Eggtronic's Wireless Charging Stone -- a real stone Qi-charging pad that keeps your iPhone topped up and adds a stylish flair to your workspace.

While charging pads are convenient, we admit that we don't always want to leave an item that screams "I'm for charging your phone!" sitting on the corner of a desk. Most charging pads are highly conspicuous, often sporting the name of the manufacturer and attention-snagging LEDs.

Italian accessory maker Eggtronic has come up with a genius solution: a wireless charging pad made out of stone. Free from any logos and lights, this sleek charging pad adds a little luxe to your workspace while keeping your phone charged.

Each charging stone is unique and carved out of real stone
Each charging stone is unique and carved out of real stone

We received the black marble charging pad, which has a striking, minimalist appearance, but it ships in other colors as well, including white marble, lava rock, sandstone, and travertine. All five devices look gorgeous, and we feel that most people would be able to find one that fits well in their home or office.

The Wireless Charging Stone is Qi-compatible, meaning it'll charge all iPhones from the iPhone 8 forward, as well as your AirPods and AirPods Pro. It's capable of charging up to 10W, and it seems to have a large "sweet spot" for positioning devices on top.

We never had any problems setting our iPhone on it and immediately getting a charge. It's also one of the more reliable wireless chargers we've had.

The Wireless Charging Stone doesn't seem to mind if your phone has a light to medium-weight case. We tested it with our go-to Casetify impact case and had no problems.

Of course, it also just looks nice. Sure, there's a braided USB-A cable that protrudes from the bottom, letting you know it's a tech device of some sort and not just a rock on a desk. Still, it looks significantly more stylish on the corner of a desk, tabletop, bookshelf, or nightstand than your average wireless charger.

The bottom of the charging stone is covered in velour, which serves to stabilize it and keep your surfaces free from scratches if it is bumped or moved.

If we have one gripe, it's that the integrated 3-foot cord could be a little longer. While we think it's the perfect length for a desktop, where you could reasonably plug it into a dock or under-desk power strip, it feels a little short for a bedside stand or tabletop charger.

If you're interested in grabbing your own Eggtronic Wireless Charging Stone, you can head over to either Eggtronic's site or to Amazon, where they start at $49.99.


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    Nice elegant little device... too bad it just looks like a swanky coaster.... and $50 is too much, even if it is elegant, maybe £25-£30 ($30-40) tops
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    Sounds like the perfect material to potentially scratch or otherwise damage a phone with no case. Pass.
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    M68000M68000 Posts: 486member
    Thanks for the article,  this looks nice and the diameter is over 4.6 inches according to their specs.
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    fred1fred1 Posts: 985member
    Looks interesting, but does it also scratch the surface it’s on? I prefer the $5 plastic version from IKEA.
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    M68000M68000 Posts: 486member
    fred1 said:
    Looks interesting, but does it also scratch the surface it’s on? I prefer the $5 plastic version from IKEA.
    No,  one of the reviews on the website mentions the felt padding on the bottom.  I have the 5$ ikea charger you mention and it is great for a piece of plastic.   But the point is to have something that is not another piece of plastic. This product appears to be in another league and offered in several nice finishes
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