Apple seeks to boost Apple News+ engagement with affiliate partner program

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Apple has launched a new affiliate program for Apple News+ that allows partners to earn commissions on subscription referrals.

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple

The Apple News+ affiliate program is an addition to the company's current Apple Services Performance Partners Program, which pays commissions on qualifying revenue on links to Apple Music, Apple TV+, and other services.

The addition of Apple News+ to the program was first spotted by Twitter user Kyle Seth Gray.

apple announced a new affiliate program for News+

-- Kyle Seth Gray (@kylesethgray)

Apple says that partners can earn commissions on Apple News+ memberships from signups on both iOS and macOS within a 30-day cookie window. The announcement also indicates that Apple News+ would pay a one-time 400% bounty on paid memberships based on local market rates.

Anyone can apply to become a partner in the program, though Apple says that it is "only accepting a limited number of partners who can drive significant volume and quality performance that meets Apple brand guidelines."

The move comes as Apple tries to goose Apple News+ subscriber numbers and woo new publications onto the platform. While the tech giant rarely publishes figures for the service, it reported 125 million active users across Apple News' paid and free tiers last April.

More information on the program can be found on Apple's website.


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    Fewer ads, please. Also, too many “articles” that are just click bait for kickbacks on purchases. “Ten Best [fill in product category].”
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    22july201322july2013 Posts: 3,612member
    The last article I read on News+ was 50% ads. So I tend to avoid News+ and just go to the Internet now, where the articles have less than 50% ads. Doesn't Apple have a limit on ad quantity? I'm paying for the News on News+, so why are there ads at all?
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    I tried News+ for a while, and I quit.  It wasn't "news", it was just stories.
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    News+ isn’t so bad with the Audio section and integration of followed magazines in the newsfeed. It’s more, IMHO, about the magazines needing to do more — ie, interactive magazines that excite the readers, as well as providing more short-form articles (maybe). Also, no more allowing lazy PDF formats. 
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