Apple granted 'Apple Card' and 'Apple Cash' trademarks in Canada

in General Discussion edited February 2021
Apple is one step closer to launching Apple Card and Apple Cash in Canada, as the company saw trademark filings for the two payments products approved by regional authorities in January.

Apple Card

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office approved Apple's applications for Apple Card and Apple Cash on Jan. 25, paving the way for a potential launch in the country, iPhone in Canada reports. Apple first filed for the trademarks in July 2019.

Developed in partnership with Goldman Sachs, Apple Card is a branded credit card backed by Goldman and operated within the Mastercard network. Along with unique account tracking tools, cashback benefits and a titanium physical card, Apple Card features tight integration with Apple Pay and the Wallet app. Cardholders also enjoy interest-free financing on a number of Apple products.

Apple Cash, previously known as Apple Pay Cash, is Apple's person-to-person digital payments solution. The system works with a debit card in Apple Pay and allows users to send funds through Messages and Siri. Apple Cash also acts as a repository for Apple Card's Daily Cash cashback rewards structure. In addition to sending money and funding Apple Pay purchases, users can transfer their Apple Cash balance to an associated bank account. Apple Cash can also be used to make payments on an Apple Card balance.

Apple has long been rumored to expand Apple Card beyond the U.S. -- CEO Tim Cook confirmed as much in 2019 -- though the card has yet to launch internationally.

Beyond the Canadian trademarks, a report last September claimed Apple was discussing partnerships with Australian banks, while code discovered in iOS 14 referenced GDPR regulations that would only be necessary if the card was available in Europe.


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    22july201322july2013 Posts: 3,553member
    Good news. Apple can take my money. Literally.
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    MplsPMplsP Posts: 3,889member
    I’m just wondering why it took so long when the names have been around for a couple of years already
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    Hopefully in the UK soon, im impatiently waiting for both over here, GDPR only refers to europe, so im hoping the UK is sooner 🤞
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,219member
    MplsP said:
    I’m just wondering why it took so long when the names have been around for a couple of years already
    Apple requires a version of Goldman Sachs in every country or region where it wants to introduce Apple Card. As with Apple Pay before it, banks and similar financial institutions are very hesitant to get into bed with Apple on stuff like this, since the Apple Card is at least in some ways a better product for many kinds of consumers than the fee-laden and profitable cards the banks themselves offer.
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