New antitrust legislation targets Apple, other tech giants



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    pslice said:
    The government has let big companies get away with this from the days of deregulating the airlines. Telecoms, entertainment, this is clearly a case of the horses are out of the barn. In computing, you have two dominant camps, Windoz and Apple. There IS competition. I don’t buy Windoz, I love Apple, and I appreciate Apple's quality. Break it up and government will lower the quality. 
    You do realize that last year 30.7 million ChromeOS devices sold versus 22.5 million macOS ones sold, right? The previous year it was 17 million ChromeOS versus 17.5 million macOS. (If by "Apple" you meant macOS and iOS, then Android - which has more active devices than does macOS, iOS and Windows combined - says hi). So Windows and macOS being the two dominant computing camps is no longer true and hasn't been for awhile. And this is with ChromeOS only being released in 2011 and only beginning to gain real traction in 2016. Just as Apple platform devices started to gain market share the past few years as kids who grew up on iPods, iPhones and iPads the prior two decades are now entering the workforce, in about 5-10 years you are going to see kids who used Chromebooks in school enter the workforce and start buying them for themselves and their parents. 
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    acejax805 said:
    viclauyyc said:
    But how they define the monopoly power? Yes Apple has 100% controls  of App Store, but this also applies to to Walmart has 100% controls of what goes to it’s store shelf. Or you can’t get a six pack of coke but you want 2 of them Pepsi. 
    What you are forgetting is that same six pack of coke or Pepsi can be bought at almost any retail store and supermarket. Apple's App store is controlled by Apple and Apple alone, including payment processing. Over 1 billion active devices (consider those consumers) and they can only shop at one store which is 100% controlled by Apple. 

    A more relative comparison would be if Walmart was the ONLY retailer American consumers could buy from. That is what Apple's App Store is to ALL Apple users.
    That is the wrong comparison. It's not the Apple App Store that should be compared to a Walmart. It's the iDevice that should be compared to a Walmart. The people that shop at Walmart should be compare to the people that buy iDevices. There is no other way to be an iOS user other than to buy an iDevice from Apple.

    When one chooses to shop at a Walmart, they know they can only buy what Walmart sells. Walmart has monopoly control on what products can be sold in their stores. Walmart shoppers don't expect to find a BestBuy Store, while shopping inside a Walmart. Walmart own the store. If a company wants to sell their products to Walmart shoppers on Walmart's shelves, they have to go through Walmart and Walmart will get a cut of the sale. BestBuy can not demand they should be allowed to open a store inside a Walmart, just because Walmart has a monopoly on the products they sell to Walmart shoppers. 

    Apple own their iDevices. When one chooses to buy an iDevice, they also know that they can only install apps from the Apple App Store. Just like Walmart shoppers know they can only buy products that Walmart sells in their stores. Apple do not sell iOS, they sell iDevices that runs on iOS. iOS users are people that chose to purchase iDevices. And Walmart and Apple iDevices are not a monopoly in their respective market. People have a choice as to whether they want to shop at Walmart or whether to use an iDevice. For the most part, the same products sold in a Walmart can be purchased elsewhere and the same apps in the Apple App Store are available on other companies mobile devices. 

    Just like people can choose to shop elsewhere if they don't like the selection or cost of the products sold in a Walmart.  People can choose to use other companies mobile devices, if they don't like the selection or cost of apps in the Apple App Store. The monopoly Apple has with the Apple App Store inside their iDevices is no different than the monopoly Walmart has with the products sold inside their Walmart retail stores. Every sale goes through Walmart from a Walmart Store or Apple from an iDevice. There is nothing inherently wrong with such a monopoly, that would violate anti-trust laws.

    Walmart shoppers and iDevice users, both have essentially the same choice. They can choose to take their business elsewhere, if they don't like how Walmart run their stores or how Apple run their iDevices. If they want Kirkland batteries, they can shop at a Costco. If they want to download apps from the internet, they can use an Android device. 

    It would be different if iDevices were a monopoly in its market. Microsoft sells Windows like Apple sells iDevices. Microsoft do not have a monopoly with Windows because they have full control on how software can be written for Windows. Microsoft have a monopoly with Windows because Windows is a monopoly in its market, with over 90% of the computer OS market. Apple do not have a monopoly with iDevices, in its market. So neither is iOS or its users a monopoly. No matter how much control Apple has over them.  

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    LoidS said:
    viclauyyc said:
    jimh2 said:
    This is what happens when you elect people who have never done anything in their lives other than suck off the tit of the government. Can you imagine being a smaller firm struggling to get by, but with a great idea and being told a larger company cannot buy you. That is an un-American as it gets. Socialism is starting to get a foothold if crap legislation like this passes. I do not want to live in a country where the government decides that we need to settle for lesser quality in order to have competitors. This is what will happen if the government gets to meddling in these companies business models. 
    So in your opinion, should US abandon antitrust and monopoly laws and let the big tech do whatever they want?

    also, at least these politicians are elected. Not because they are family of POTUS or work for big firm before they join the government. 

    And yes, not all elected officials are qualified, just look at 45. 
    Why is it “all or nothing” ?  The US doesn’t have to abandon anti trust, but if consumers generally like the product and service being offered ( from Apple ), why change it ?

    So the politicians are elected - they only care about getting re-elected...they are completely out of touch.  I would much rather hear from someone who has actually ”worked” in business.  The elected officials you speak of only wan to tax their way out of everything...they don’t care about growing anything.

    Explain to me why or how it was legit for Biden’s son to earn $50,000 per month working for a Ukrainian gas company ?  

    You rip Trump and his family - besides milking the tax payer for over 40 years what has Biden accomplished ?

    I don’t know what Hunter Biden did. But it is free market, only their employer can judge if he worth the price. Also, at least  he reports his income and not avoiding paying tax or fake bankruptcy to make his employees suffer.

    Biden created laws, same as all GOP law maker. If you think he failed his job. Then all GOP also failed their job.

    Sure, hire someone from inside the industry, like the FCC guy that abandon net neutrality. Or the EPA guy that distrory pollution regulation. Guess who benefits in the end? Not the everyday American, but big companies that GOP cares the most. 
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    People calling this bill "socialist" are incorrect.  It isn't nationalizing these businesses, it's forcing them to operate the way the government wants.  That's fascist, not socialist.

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