Shot on iPhone film features black 'Hometown' photographers

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Apple has supplemented its Hometown' initiative for Black History Month with a Shot on iPhone film, one that follows some of the photographers as they produce images of their locales.

Image Credit: Lawrence Agyei
Image Credit: Lawrence Agyei

On February 1, Apple introduced its "Hometown" feature, as part of its marking of Black History Month. The initiative had Apple collaborate with Black photographers across the United States, taking photographs of their neighborhoods with the iPhone 12 Pro.

To go along with the images, Apple published a video to its YouTube channel titled "Hometown - Shot on iPhone," featuring some of the photographers taking part.

The five minute video follows Lawrence Agyei of Chicago, Illinois, as well as Gabriella Angotti-Jones of Los Angeles, California; Lauren Woods of Charlotte, North Carolina; and Julien James of Washington, D.C. It was filmed by Philip Youmans, who was also the youngest ever director to win at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The video discusses the influences of the selected photographers, including their backgrounds and what they hope to achieve with their photography.

The images taken as part of Hometown" are available to view on Apple's website as well as its Instagram feed.


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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    My first reaction was "Oh boy, here we go again"
    But then I remembered reading a biography of Mohammad Ali that spoke at length of how being black deeply impacted him, his motivations and his thinking.   Essentially, despite being on top of the world, he was always striving to overcome being black in a world of white.   And, I reminded myself not judge how black people respond to living in a white world and to respect their struggle to thrive.
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    xsmixsmi Posts: 138member
    As a black man, and Mac user, (talk about a minority in a minority), I found this campaign refreshing and uplifting. The talent and creativity in the video were very inspiring. 
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