Eve Energy weather made official, new Eve Energy comes to US, Eve Aqua gets Thread support...

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Eve is following through with its promise to expand Thread support through its HomeKit-only product line with the introduction of the all-new Eve Weather as well as updates for the Eve Energy and Eve Aqua.

The new Eve Weather
The new Eve Weather

Eve Weather

Joining the Eve lineup is the Eve Weather. This new device will replace and build on the outgoing Eve Degree. It has a familiar design as Eve's other sensors but a new larger screen. Users no longer have to toggle through different display panels to view relevant information, instead, it is all presented at once.

Eve Weather will collect the barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity levels. The free Eve app will collect that data and even graph it appropriately to see how it changes over time.

Aside from temperature and humidity, Eve Weather will update the display each morning with the 12-hour weather trend for the day. It has IPX3 resistance to handle the weather and communicates over Bluetooth as well as Thread.

It will start shipping on March 25 for $69.95.

Eve Energy

After first being released in the UK, Eve is bringing its updated Eve Energy to the U.S. Unsurprisingly, this updated model includes support for Thread. Otherwise, it is still the same device that was released in 2020.

Unlike battery-operated devices, Eve Energy is able to act as a Thread router and not just an endpoint. This can help extend your Thread network to other areas of the home.

The new generation Eve Energy will be available on April 6 at a price of $39.95.

Eve Aqua

As previously announced, Thread is coming to the current-generation Eve Aqua. This will arrive via a free firmware update just as with the Eve Door and Window contact sensor.

Eve has revealed that this firmware update for the existing second-generation Eve Aqua will land in April. Eve Aqua is currently available for $99.95.


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    I have the Eve Degree.  It fails in colder weather (< 32°f) - though it promised to perform inside and outside.  I left a largely negative review at Amazon.  I am concerned Eve Weather will have same failing - as failure seems related to cold vs battery.  I don't know how you can market an outdoor weather / temperature device that doesn't work in cold weather.  

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    davgregdavgreg Posts: 1,025member
    I have the current Eve indoor module and used to use the outdoor one. I dropped them in favor of the Netatmo indoor and outdoor products.

    The Netatmo units are not dependent upon an iPad or Apple TV to communicate the way the Eve (formerly El Gato) units do. You can also purchase Wind and Rain modules if you want. 

    Netatmo also has a neat worldwide weather map with all of the stations posted.
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,892member
    Is that display some kind of 70’s ironic throwback? Monochrome with tinkertoy numerals? 
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    I have several Eve HomeKit gadgets: Several Degrees, Rooms, Motion, Light Strip, and switches. They all work pretty well and the Eve app is much easier to use than Apple’s Home app. I have been pretty satisfied with them. I have many rules program to turn lights on and off at different times, when someone walks into a room, and rules that work in conjunction with an Ecobee sensors. 

    The Eve Degrees use button cell batteries. These typically do not perform well at low temperatures if lower than 50% battery life.  I really have not had issues with three of them that are outside for several years. If they fail to connect, it is typically time to replace the battery. The app is pretty good at indicating hen their battery is low. With the last Texas freeze, they worked well even at 0.3F that they measured. The battery was at 60% and had no issue with transmitting a lot of info that week.
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