Apple releases AirPods Max firmware update

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Apple has released new AirPods Max firmware which may address battery drain issues reported by customers.

AirPods Max firmware update now available
AirPods Max firmware update now available

The update replaces version 3C16, which was installed when the AirPods Max first launched. The new version number is 3C39 and no release notes are available.

Unlike other Apple software updates, there isn't a direct menu or button to initiate the update. The AirPods Max will continue to function as normal, and the update will eventually install on its own. Users can view the status of the firmware in the Bluetooth menu of the Settings app.

Users can attempt to force the update by connecting the iPhone to a power source while the AirPods Max are connected over Bluetooth.

There have been concerns about battery drain when the AirPods Max are left idle, with some owners stating that they would drain significantly when not in use.

It isn't yet clear what the update includes. If any reported battery drain issues have been addressed, testing will be required to determine if this is the case.

AppleInsider discussed how to stop battery drain, but the method isn't fool-proof.

Apple doesn't share information about accessory firmware updates unless it addresses a critical vulnerability or functionality.


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    Just updated to 3C39 a couple of minutes ago.
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    Haven't experienced the battery drain issue with 3C16. Have experienced some minor freezes when connecting to an iPhone XS. The screen will lose touch control for a few seconds before the AirPods Max connect.
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    My Airpods Max still haven't updated their firmware since the release 4 days ago. Still on 3C16

    I have to say that Apple's so called automatic updates (nearly all products and services) aren't always so 'automatic'. I often need to call their support when updates on Macs, iPad, iPhones, Apple Watches, Airpods (Pro), and now Airpods Max are failing. Their solution is always about the same: clean various registers or factory reset and/or restart device hardware. I seriously don't get why they just don't fix this.

    I once asked Apple Support this question when my Airpods Pro didnt update. All they said was they hadn't heard of this problem before. So I checked with a bunch of friends what version they had. I talked to about 10 people across different regions and countries. It turned out only one single person had the correct update — although the new version had been out for months. Naturally, I shared with them how they could solve this by calling Apple Support, and after a few days most of them had. But the point is, often there is no 'automatic' in the updates at all. And this update bug has been lingering for years. I think it's the whole update-trigger mechanism that's based on the wrong usecases. Does Apple think it's good user experience if their products require manual Apple Support assistance in 9 out of 10 cases?
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