Apple promotes 'Servant' season finale with free pizza

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Apple is giving free pizzas to Los Angelenos to celebrate the season finale of Apple TV+ original "Servant," a nod to the show's "Cheezus Crust" pizza delivery service.

Cheezus Crust

Announced through Twitter, Apple is offering a limited number of free pizza pies through Los Angeles pizzerias Gjelina and Milo & Olive. Orders and deliveries will be processed through GrubHub on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5 p.m. to sellout.

One pizza choice is available: the "Servant's Cheezus Crust Pizza" which is topped with duck sausage, confit leeks, shimeiji and nameko mushrooms, mozzarella and thyme. According to GrubHub, customers have limited customization and substitution options.

The pie is listed at $30 at each pizzeria, though that price is deducted at checkout when ordering through the restaurant links above. Tip not included.

Apple and GrubHub note quantities are limited and the offer is valid while supplies last. The promotion is restricted to one item per customer.

The promotion ties in with "Servant," which in season two sees the Turners launch a pizza delivery service called Cheezus Crust.

"Servant" returned for its sophomore season in January to strong reviews and a growing audience. Apple aggressively marketed the show over the past three months with regular behind-the-scenes videos, numerous ads, media interviews and a Reddit AMA with creator M. Night Shyamalan.

Apple renewed "Servant" for a third season in 2020.


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    ITGUYINSDITGUYINSD Posts: 502member
    How fun!  Why did they pick Los Angeles, though?  And does it come in that cool pizza box (collectors item!)?
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    Oh Cheezus!
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    iadlibiadlib Posts: 88member
    This show is created and written by Tony Basgallop. 
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    Both the pizza toppings and the name are unappealing.  Cool idea though, sure it’ll sell out!
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