English teenager suffers facial burns after iPhone charger catches fire



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    Rayz2016Rayz2016 Posts: 6,957member
    Users are told not to charge the iPhone in areas where moisture could be present or in poorly ventilated spaces

    So basically, don’t charge your iPhone in Birmingham. 

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    jcs2305jcs2305 Posts: 1,336member

    The law of unintended consequences -  not putting a charger in every product is likely to increase the number of cheap and maybe poor quality products. Although other companies substandard products are not really Apples problem.


    When you buy non Apple it doesn’t have to be cheap 5 below trash.  That’s like  paying for a vehicle that requires premium fuel and you cheap out and put in regular because it’s cheaper. Then when detonation destroys your motor you want to sue the car manufacturer or expect it to be covered by warranty. 

    I am not saying that is the case here. Just saying not including a charger shouldn’t be a reason to trust cheap non MFI cables and chargers if you don’t want to pay for OEM. 
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