Job application sheet signed by Steve Jobs sells at auction for $222,394

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A signed job application filled out by late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs has sold at auction for about $222,000.

Credit: Charterfields
Credit: Charterfields

The rare piece of Apple memorabilia consisted of a single sheet of paper filled out by Jobs in 1973, predating his joining of Atari the following year and the founding of Apple Computer with Steve Wozniak in 1976. It's believed to have been filled out around the time Jobs dropped out of Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

It sold at auction from Charterfields on Wednesday. The "hammer price" was 162,000 British pounds, which is roughly $222,394.57 in U.S. dollars.

In the job application sheet, Jobs listed his interests of "electronics tech or design engineer - digital," though he left the past employment lines empty. He also listed his answer to "access to transportation?" as "possible, but not probable."

Back in 2018, the exact same sheet of paper was sold to an "internet entrepreneur from London" for $174,757.

Steve Jobs memorabilia items typically fetch a high price on the auction block. In 2020, a Fortune magazine signed by Jobs went up for auction at a minimum bid of $11,000.
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    Lol @ Phone: none
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    Anilu_777 said:
    Lol @ Phone: none
    Lol @ the whole thing. He's not exactly a tech employer's dream candidate.
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    The lesson here is, as an employer, do not rule anybody out. Even if they have lousy handwriting, no phone, no transportation and little experience. Period. You may be interviewing the next Steve Jobs!
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