Apple was leading buyer of AI companies between 2016 and 2020



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    saareksaarek Posts: 1,443member
    And yet Siri is still way behind Alexa, especially outside of basic home automation commands. They are obviously trying and yet failing to catch up, despite mass investment. 
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    elijahgelijahg Posts: 2,700member
    I keep saying this, but it really is an insult to its customers for Apple to keep fumbling nearly every service they create for their ecosystem. The saddest part is, normies who aren’t Apple fans, who look at Apple as a whole, see the services as a joke, and thus see the hardware and OS in the same way, not understanding, at all, the quality, security, thoughtful design, integrity of the company, etc. 

    I regularly say the same too. Siri is an embarrassing joke. In some ways it's worse than the old iPhone 3G voice control, at least that didn't need the internet for every request and would reply immediately. Most of the time on my watch after a request it's "Working on that... ... ... hold on... ... ..." and then it does the wrong thing anyway. That's on a 300mbps connection, on cellular I just don't bother.

    Alexa is constantly improving, the Alexa "skills" are actually useful, and don't need an associated phone. The HP hands off almost everything to the phone, and if it can't contact the phone for some reason (25% of the time in my experience) it just can't do it. It knows all of my contacts, it has access to notes, reminders and calendar appointments directly, without the phone. So why in the hell is it when I ask it to add a reminder it fails if my phone isn't on the same wifi network?? I can only think it's some licensing thing whereby they can only run the backend on company owned devices. They add Siri to more and more, I was hoping Siri as the only real way to interact with the HP would spur some advancements, but it's just as crap as it always has been.
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