Hyper launches magnetic battery pack for iPhone 12

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Hyper has just launched its own MagSafe-compatible battery pack to wirelessly charge an iPhone 12 on the go.

Hyper MagSafe battery
Hyper MagSafe battery pack

The new 5,000mAh battery pack can charge any iPhone 12 model wirelessly and a second device can be charged over 12W USB-C port simultaneously.

A MagSafe-compatible magnet ring sticks and aligns battery pack to the rear of the iPhone. As this isn't a true MagSafe charger, it still charges your iPhone 12 over Qi with a maximum of 7.5W, versus Apple's official MagSafe charger providing up to 15W.

MagSafe helps align the Qi wireless charger
MagSafe helps align the Qi wireless charger

The Hyper magnetic battery pack is contoured to be comfortable and ergonomic while in use. It has a four-stage LED indicator to convey the remaining battery capacity and only adds 150 grams of weight

You can pick up Hyper's MagSafe-compatible battery pack now from Hyper for $39.99.


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    applguyapplguy Posts: 115member
    Perfect example of function before form. 
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    applguy said:
    Perfect example of function before form. 
    Enh. It looks all right. If you have your phone face down on your desk then this works, but then again you'd probably have a wired connection available in that particular case. In your pants pocket the look of the thing is irrelevant, and the combination would be too heavy for a shirt pocket anyway. Maybe there's an argument for making the brick as wide as the phone.
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