OtterBox Kids range protects iPads with child-friendly accessories

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OtterBox has launched a line of iPad accessories aimed at younger users, including tablet cases, cables, and screen protectors in its OtterBox Kids range.

Following on from its existing products for protecting iPhones and iPads, the OtterBox Kids collection offers brightly-colored accessories meant to be used by children. The accessories are made not only to protect the devices, but also to make it as easy as possible for kids to use.

The EasyGrab Tablet Case has ridges around the edge to make it ergonomic for smaller hands to grip on. Raised edges around the case protects the camera and display when it is laid onto a surface, while its construction also allows for it to withstand drops, throws, and falls.

The case also uses an antimicrobial material, enabling it to withstand repeated cleaning and sanitization wipes.

Accompanying the case but also available separately, the EasyGrab Multi-Use Case Stand can be used to stand the iPad up. It can also be used as an extra gripping point or handle, and to hook onto the back of a car seat.

OtterBox Kids EasyGrab Tablet Case
OtterBox Kids EasyGrab Tablet Case

The EasyGrab Tablet Case is priced at $59.95 for a version compatible with the 7th and 8th-generation iPad, and $49.95 for the iPad mini. It is available in Space Explorer purple, Galaxy Runner blue, and Martian yellow styles.

The Blue Light Guard Glass Screen Protector offers scratch resistance, with the surface also shatter resistant with reinforced edges to minimize chipping. Able to filter harmful blue light, the protector also has antimicrobial technology to keep it as clean as possible, as well as being able to handle occasional cleaning by adults.

The protector is priced at $39.95 for the iPad, $34.95 for the iPad mini.

Rounding out the set, the EasyGrab Mobile Cable Bundle is a pair of cables for power and audio connectivity. Designed for use by kids with small fingers, the cables also feature strain-relief elements at typical weak points, an anti-fray and anti-tangle coil, and the audio cable even uses a right angle jack to minimize headphone cord breakage.

The set is available for $39.95.

All of the products are available from Target, and will be sold through OtterBox's online store in the future.

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    MaxLe0p0ldMaxLe0p0ld Posts: 17unconfirmed, member
    It is a Pity, that OtterBox is not offering Waterproof Cases for Kids (!)
    to allow the Devices to be taken into the Field / into the School Grounds
    for example for Biology Excursions...

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    "Harmful Blue Light" another thing for uninformed people to worry about. How much light does the sun emit in the blue spectrum? How much does an iPhone emit? It's sad when companies sell using Fear instead of Fact
    edited March 29
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    I wish these come out for the 4th gen. iPad Air - in better colours!
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    ionicleionicle Posts: 49member
    Lovely, but pricey for what they are
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