Belkin launches full line of magnetic accessories for iPhone 12 line

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On Tuesday, Belkin launched a wide array of new magnetic accessories designed for iPhone 12 users including various stands, mounts, and batteries.

Belkin's new Magnetic lineup for iPhone 12
Belkin's new magnet lineup for iPhone 12

The new lineup includes a magnetic fitness mount that can connect to the bars of a spinning bike or other exercise equipment, a small magnetic battery pack, a larger magnetic battery pack, a magnetic portable wireless charger, a simple 7.5W wireless charging stand, and a face tracking magnetic phone mount.

Belkin's new Magnetic face tracking charging stand
Belkin's new Magnetic face tracking charging stand

Perhaps most unique of the bunch is the Face Tracking Magnetic Phone mount. This allows you to connect your iPhone 12 atop a motorized base. An accompanying app follows your face as you record video which can then be shared directly to your social media. It will run $64.99 when available.

iPhone 12 magnetic battery pack from Belkin
iPhone 12 magnetic battery pack from Belkin

The BoostCharge Magnetic Portable Wireless Charger is very similar to the Anker and Hyper magnetic battery packs and it sits on the back of your phone to use while on the go. It costs $49.95 from Belkin when it launches.

Belkin's Magnetic Fitness Mount & 10K BoostCharge Magnetic Battery Pack

Belkin's larger 10,000mAh magnetic battery pack will cost $69.99, the Fitness Mount will cost $34.99, and the Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand will cost $34.99. None are available quite yet.

Belkin's Magnetic Portable Wireless Charging Pad
Belkin's Magnetic Portable Wireless Charging Pad

What is available now is the Magnetic Portable Wireless Charging Pad which will cost you $29.99 from Belkin directly.

While all of these devices magnetically connect to the back of any iPhone 12 model, none are official MagSafe chargers or mounts, unlike Belkin's other Apple-certified devices. Belkin's official MagSafe devices include the Car Vent Mount Pro and 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 BoostCharge Pro stands.


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    I don’t see a window car mount. 
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    Andrew_OSUAndrew_OSU Posts: 439member, editor
    I don’t see a window car mount. 
    They still don’t have one :-/
    or a MagSafe-capable car charger 
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    Belkin says the portable magnetic charger (the one that doesn’t cover the camera) provides 2500 mAh and that it gives you 50% more power for an iPhone 12. Since an iPhone 12 has 2815 mAh, it seems that means we lose ~ 1100 mAh (of the 2500) via magnetic induction transmission, heat, etc. and are applying ~ 1400ish mAh net extra power to the iPhone. I guess that’s the only sad thing about all of this MagSafe stuff, its inefficiency. It sure is a nice feature though! I love my magnetic charging stand, w/ one handed removal in the morning.
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