New 2nd-gen Siri Remote backward compatible with older Apple TVs, available for $59



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    The review didn’t mention this. And the previous version of the remote didn’t think to include this.

    But all I can say is... I’m willing to pay $59 for a MUTE BUTTON.

    Crazy, I know, but this is the kind of thing that happens when you find yourself trapped in the Apple ecosystem with its deeply flawed devices.

    Just out of curiosity if their devices are deeply flawed as you claim why keep buying Apple products?  I have tired of the way other companies have went and moved on because I grew tired of bad products. No offense intended. 
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    nicholfdnicholfd Posts: 824member
    DangDave said:
    Looks good and resolves most of the criticisms. 1.) Now has IR and power button to control other devices. 2.) Now has mute button. 3.) Now has more friendly circular clickpad. 4.) Now has almost twice the depth or thickness so it’s easier to hold. 5.) Now easy to figure out the top from the bottom. 
    Previous generation has IR, and it works wonderfully.
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    nicholfdnicholfd Posts: 824member
    Does it have a U1 inside?
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    nicholfdnicholfd Posts: 824member

    Hank2.0 said:
    Hallelujah!!!! Added a mute button o:)  and got rid of that pesky touch pad >:)
    The entire disc is still a touch pad.
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    kkqd1337 said:
    kkqd1337 said:
    So you can get the remote for the price of a Google TV or Echo TV
    That’s Apple Folks ! 
    I looked into your claim, and you are correct, although you got one of the product names wrong, (Google TV is just the OS) and the Chromecast Ultra costs $69 which is more than this remote.

    But I guess in terms of hardware alone, you win. If I could get Apple's services through a Chromecast, I think I'd buy a Chromecast instead.
    Your dreams have come true

    Chromecast with Google TV – Google Store

    Supports Apple TV
    But not Fitness+
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