Tile bemoans Apple AirTags launch, raises antitrust concerns



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    BeatsBeats Posts: 3,073member
    Isn’t this the company that refused to support Find My?

    Apple literally have them the ability first.

    It’s like inviting someone to a party but they refuse and later complain when they found out the party turned out great.
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    nicholfdnicholfd Posts: 818member
    I don't agree with Tile on everything but most of the people posting do not appear to be aware of the actual complaints which seem pretty valid. 
    1. AirTags are automatically allowed to be found whereas Apple makes it very difficult for you to use Location Tracking with the Tile. In my own experience the "allow always" setting was disabled multiple times over several IOS updates.
    2. AirTags will have at least 6 months of exclusivity in the market before Tile will be able to get their devices approved.
    3. If Tile decides to support Find My it will mean that they have to create a second product line because Find My is a proprietary protocol which Tile will not be able to use for their devices that support Android. 

    That being said it seems like eventually Tile will be pretty competitive since Apple charges more for the key fob to put the AirTag in than the AirTag itself! Tile on the other hand can just directly go on your key chain. 

    I wouldn't be sure of any of that.  
    1. I'm sure you will have to allow/enable tracking of AirTags, just like other devices.  
    2. There are already 3rd party devices that are Find My... compatible.  Tile could have been one of them out of the gate.  Instead they just kept complaining, "Unfair competition!!!"
    3. You don't know that Tile can't use their existing network for iOS/Android & just add Find My... for Apple devices.  Pure speculation.  It's all BT.
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    TRAGTRAG Posts: 45member
    HeliBum said:
    I hope the AirTags give advanced warning of when the battery is about to die. I have several Tiles and a few of them died without me knowing about it, so I can't find what they're attached to.
    It does. It sends a notification to your iPhone to replace the battery when it gets low I believe.
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