Apple launches new MagSafe cases and wallet colors for spring

in iPhone edited April 2021
During its "Spring Loaded" event, Apple took took the opportunity to update its own MagSafe cases and wallet with new spring colors.

Pistachio, Cantelope, Capri Blue, and Amethyst MagSafe silicone cases
(From left to right) Pistachio, Cantelope, Capri Blue, and Amethyst MagSafe silicone cases

For iPhone 12 users, Apple's silicone case now comes in Pistacho green, Cantalope, Capri Blue, and Amethyst purple. The leather case now comes in Deep Violet.

Apple's leather sleeve also gets the Deep Violet treatment

The purple colors will complement newly announced purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini models that were revealed at the event.

Arizona-colored MagSafe wallet
Arizona-colored MagSafe wallet

Apple's first-party leather MagSafe wallet now comes in a new Arizona color that appears as a burnt reddish-brown color. It joins the previously released four colors of Saddle Brown, black, California Poppy, and Baltic Blue.

The Apple Watch gained several new watch band colors during the event, too, with many of the colors matching the new iPhone cases.


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    bluefire1bluefire1 Posts: 1,262member
    I would have much preferred  Apple having released a Magsafe battery pack then new colored cases.
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