Apple confirms Center Stage will work with rival video conference apps

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The new Center Stage feature of iPad Pro video calls will not be confined to FaceTime, says Apple. The automatic panning and reframing technology is expected to be made available to developers.

Apple demonstrated automatic panning and reframing with Center Stage in FaceTime
Apple demonstrated automatic panning and reframing with Center Stage in FaceTime

During its "Spring Loaded" launch of the new iPad Pro, Apple demonstrated a new camera feature in FaceTime. "Center Stage" automatically moves video calls to focus on the user, wherever they are in shot.

"Center Stage uses the new ultra wide camera and machine learning to recognize and keep you in the center of the view," said Fiona O'Leary, imaging and sensing technology designer, in the presentation. "What's amazing is as you move around, it automatically plans to keep you in the shot."

"And that's not all," she continued. "When others join in, it recognizes them too, and zooms that to fit everyone into the view. So whether it's a whiteboarding session with coworkers or a family get together, the experience of connecting is now more engaging than ever."

The implication was that the feature would be available outside of FaceTime, but now Apple has confirmed that. "Center Stage works with FaceTime and other video conferencing apps for an even more engaging experience," says Apple on its iPad Pro site.

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    maltzmaltz Posts: 428member
    MS Teams already does this, at least for one user.  When the window is sized such that someone's video isn't full-width, it will follow them as they move left and right.  I've never tested it with multiple people, though I suspect it does that too.  I have one colleague I've communicated with while working from home who has a row of Mickey Mouse dolls in the background, but all off to one side.  It frames her feed such that she and all her friends are in-frame, making her well off-center.  lol
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