Apple products must come with three-year warranty in Spain



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    charlitunacharlituna Posts: 7,217member

    The ambition is not to punish manufacturers but to encourage them to actually provide the product they have sold. And, off course, to make sure that the consumer gets what he/she purchased and get reimbursed if not.

    in many cases these laws are focused on the seller not the manufacturer. So it's more like they are looking to make sure that retailers know their sources. don't buy cheap shit products etc. 

    in some cases, like Apple, the manufacturer might also be a potential seller but the laws have these time limits etc built in so that the burden of proving you sold something defective falls on the buyer at some point. I think it's Poland and the Czech Republic that actually mandated a multiple year 'it breaks the seller must remedy' with no customer must prove requirement. but the rest it's between 6 and 12 months depending on the place. There's no details in this source if Spain is the same. If something worked fine for say 6 months then fails will a buyer have to prove it was busted when they bought it. good luck with that.

    course depending on business costs v legal costs Apple, if the seller, might decide to just fix it anyway because it's cheaper to just do it, shut the customer up and avoid the inevitable "Apple is run by A-holes" social media nonsense that comes when they say no to someone who bought it at Apple. but other sellers and other companies might not have the same ability or want to just 'do it and get rid of them'
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