'iPhone 13 Pro Max' model, AirTag follow-up, and Epic Games v. Apple on the AppleInsider p...

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We review AirTag performance and its missing features, Epic Games takes on Apple in court, and a possible mockup model of the "iPhone 13" has been leaked.

YouTube channel Unbox Therapy received an "iPhone 13 Pro Max" mockup model from China claiming it is "the closest, best-look yet at the next generation of iPhone." The model sports a smaller notch that other leakers have supported and a redesigned camera lens system on the back.

We discuss the pre-order process for the M1 iPad Pro, new Apple TV 4K and 24-inch iMac. Unlike other pre-orders, the Apple Store app and website stayed active through the 5:00 a.m. PT deadline. Although users then attempting to order the new devices had difficulty adding items to cart and purchasing via Apple Pay.

AirTag is now available in-store and our hosts share their personal experience with accessories and Precision Tracking features. While they can be useful in some scenarios, AirTag is arguably missing key features such as Family Sharing that hopefully come in future iOS updates.

Speaking of updates, Apple Podcasts has been plagued with bugs since the release of iOS 14.5 and it is causing listeners of our podcast and other shows to miss episode releases. While the major problem of fetching new shows does now seem to be fixed, other issues such as non-clickable links in episode notes remain.

Next, a brilliant ad campaign by the cross-platform messaging app Signal reveals the ad tracking data used by Facebook. Shortly after the campaign launched Facebook banned their account, but the ads can still be seen on their blog.

Lastly, we review highlights from the Epic Games v. Apple court case, including internal communications between Apple execs regarding App Store commission rates. Closing out the show we answer some listener questions and comments.

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