Nomad releases waterproof AirTag Rugged Keychain

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The AirTag Rugged Keychain from Nomad is a waterproof enclosure that can be engraved and used for pets.

Nomad Keyring is a waterproof option for your AirTag
Nomad Keyring is a waterproof option for your AirTag

Rugged Keychain is available in both black and white colorways and comes with two enclosure options. You'll have the choice between an IP67 water resistance rating or a speaker-hole version.

AirTag by itself has an IP67 resistance rating allowing it to stay submerged in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes, but by putting AirTag inside the water resistant Rugged Keychain enclosure, that protection is bolstered. Use the enclosure with a waterproof rating for a pet collar or for a keyring that might get exposed to extreme conditions.

The optional metal insert can act as a pet ID for a collar
The optional metal insert can act as a pet ID for a collar

Customers can choose to get an engraving on a small metal insert that fits in the Nomad Rugged Keychain. With the metal insert, the Rugged Keychain looks similar to a pet ID tag that doesn't call much attention to the AirTag.

The Nomad Rugged Keychain for AirTag can be preordered now for $29.95 before it jumps to its full MSRP of $39.95. Get the pet tag with a metal insert for the same price. It will commence shipping mid-August.

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    Scot1Scot1 Posts: 122member
    So it’s as expensive as the airtag?
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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 6,447member
    Scot1 said:
    So it’s as expensive as the airtag?
    Yep, they're that cheap.
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    This product makes no sense to me. For the cost of an Airtag, and even with the discount , except for scratch protection, and engraving, it offers little beyond Belkin’s similar (13$) product.  

    Besides, why would I want to hide the fact my pet is wearing an airtag, isn’t that kind of the point if fluffy gets lost?
    edited May 2021
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,990member
    Just as keys are slowly going the way of buggywhips. My next car likely won’t need one and my front door is bout to go keyless. 
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    verne araseverne arase Posts: 473member
    Scot1 said:
    So it’s as expensive as the airtag?
    Only for it's introduction.

    After that, it's $10 more expensive.

    In two shakes of a swizzle stick there will be a bunch of holders available on Amazon. Some will probably even be worth owning.
    edited May 2021 watto_cobra
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