Amazon mulling MGM acquisition to boost media footprint



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    KBuffett said:
    Xed said:
    jcc said:
    Not sure why Apple doesn’t just buy it. They need the assets.
    elijahg said:
    AppleTV+ would be so much more attractive if it had something like MGM's back catalog.
    cg27 said:
    The Kubrick films alone would be worth it.
    I understand the desire to want Apple to simply buy up every old catalog so they have a plethora of content to offer, but that's a short-term solution and would muddy the waters of what they've been trying to accomplish. Frankly, the only way they cold've come out on top is if they had bought Disney because it's old catalogs that people love it's Disney + Pixar + Marvel + Star Wars + Nat Geo that will make them the dominate force for old catalogs sprinkled with new content in terms of revenue.

    In 5 years I expect the Apple TV+ will grown to the point that no one else is able to compete with the amount of original, quality content. Instead of saying "I hear that The Handmaid's Tale is a great series but it's weird that it's made by Hulu" you'll be saying "of course [new series on Apple TV+] is well reviewed, it's on Apple TV+." On Apple TV+ it's already the norm*, but an excellent series or movie on other services is an exception because you have to include all the other content they've bought to pad their library.

    I expect that they'll be getting the top writers, producers, and actors to be on Apple TV+ because that's where the highest likelihood of Oscars and Emmys will be.


    Netflix and Amazon have more original content than Apple, and are adding to it at a faster rate than Apple. Also, I think they’ve lost their way (again) with this Prince Harry and Me-gain content.
    I hate when people play the content quantity card against Apple and don’t mention that AppleTV+ is only one year old.

    When people compare to Disney (100 years old vs 1) it’s ridiculous.

    People love to play unfair against Apple (see reply above). 
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