Setapp developer opening Apple Museum online and in Kyiv

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MacPaw, the developer of Setapp and CleanMyMac, has announced that it is shortly to open a museum of Apple hardware, both at its Kyiv office and online.

A Macintosh Plus in the forthcoming Apple Museum
A Macintosh Plus in the forthcoming Apple Museum

Ukranian developer MacPaw previously acquired a 40-piece collection of antique Apple hardware in 2017. Now that original collection from New York's Tekserve has been added to from private collections, and a new Apple Museum is to open shortly.

"When we acquired our first Mac collection, we couldn't make it accessible to the public, while the requests for the office exhibition tours were increasing all the time," said said Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO and founder of MacPaw, in a blog post. "We were working hard to make this idea come true and now we are ready to announce that the museum will be open publicly soon."

The Apple Museum's collection consists of 323 Apple products, including a Macintosh 128K signed by Steve Wozniak. There's also a Mac Portable, complete with signatures of its whole development team.

Announced on International Museum Day, May 18, the Apple Museum will be situated in a new MacPaw Space initiative in Kyiv, Ukraine. It's ultimately going to be a place for meetings and workshops, as well as for the exhibition of iconic Apple products.

"Some of them are just like art pieces," continued Kosovan, "and we're very glad to have this opportunity to share these iconic items with other fans."

MacPaw has not yet released a launch date for the physical MacPaw Space and Apple Museum, nor the online version. However, the company promises that the online version will be more than a reproduction of the physical museum and tour.

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    I’ll use this news to promote my old site, still alive and kicking:

    Originally an iTools page, it survived when Apple went after other sites that were offering large collections of disk images, including disks with known bugs. Some of those people were quite vocal, complaining that they were shut down while I wasn’t. I think Apple left me alone because I only had the recommended software in pristine, unaltered condition, plus the fact that my site didn’t have any ads or anything like that, and was/is authoritative, based on actual disks and hardware.

    It’s been a few years since I checked it for dead links, but it should be mostly fine.
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