WaterField launches new leather keychain, luggage tag for AirTag

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WaterField Designs has launched a new leather keychain and luggage tag for Apple's AirTag tracking accessory.

Credit: WaterField Designs
Credit: WaterField Designs

The new AirTag accessories feature designs crowdsourced from more than 1,200 customers. Crafted from full-grain leather and available in multiple colors, WaterField says they'll protect the AirTag from scratches and hide them from potential thieves.

WaterField's AirTag Keychain is a petal-shaped pouch that secures the accessory to a set of keys. The accessory is attached with a metal screw fastener that allows for easy removal, and the pouch itself has nine holes to allow the AirTag's sound alerts to pass through.

Credit: WaterField Designs
Credit: WaterField Designs

Alongside the new keychain accessory, WaterField also unveiled a luggage tag with a custom pocket to hold an AirTag. The luggage tag includes a steel wire to keep it secured to a bag, as well as an address card. Like the keychain accessory, the luggage tag has holes to allow sound pass-through.

The WaterField AirTag Keychain retails for $25 and ships on May 28. The AirTag Luggage Tag costs $49 and begins shipping on June 9.


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    fred1fred1 Posts: 1,092member
    I like the keychain and the options that go with it, but the luggage tag is a made-for-Tile tag that you can stick an AirTag in. Just watch the video on their web site. Not even a mention of AirTags.
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,068member
    I like the fact that they hide the AirTags.  I don't want to advertise to anyone that something is being tracked.
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