2021 Apple TV 4K Review: Seeking a blockbuster, given a Band-Aid



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    Everyone was hoping for a M1 but we got the three year old A12 instead. I guess Apple was afraid people would hack it to run MacOS.
    “Everyone” meaning you, apparently. Literally just you. Nobody thought that. You’ve slipped up here, gone a step too far—only an actual troll would say that.

    People were hoping for the A14, yes. The M1 in a $180 streaming box, no.
    Agree with you on this. No one was expecting M1, except the OP. I saw many people asking for A12Z, instead of A12. But I don't remember seeing anyone else asking for M1 in Apple TV refresh.
    Exactly.  Given the scope of the device, adding M1 in the mix would have been a much larger PITA.  New OS, new apps, etc.
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    takeotakeo Posts: 438member
    After a week and a half with the new Apple TV I’ve decided to return it and stick with the previous version. The spec bump isn’t worth the price at all and I actually hate the new remote.

    I really wanted to love it but I just hate it. I much prefer the old Siri remote. The new remote is heavy and uncomfortable in the hand with its sharp edges. I was CONSTANTLY activating Siri accidentally when I’d pick it up. ALL the time. The power button and D pad are useless to me since the Apple TV is the only thing hooked up to my TV (I’m never trying to control anything else). The mute button is no big deal (who cares). And swiping on the d pad isn’t nearly as nice as swiping on the previous remote. The only thing I liked about it was that the 10 second skip is much more reliable than touching and pressing the edges of the old remote. And the scrubbing is kind of cool but whatever. It barely works in ANY apps at all anyway other than the TV app. So it’s going back. And I might buy an old Siri remote or two while I still can to have on hand in case my current one ever dies.
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    PezaPeza Posts: 198member
    Considering the update Google just shoved out to its Shield devices, which now means it has giant ads at the top of the Home Screen, showing you content to watch and buy regardless if you subscribe to the services or not, or weather you want to see the content or not. Then I think the new Apple TV is a 5 out of 5 product.
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    darkvaderdarkvader Posts: 889member
    Everyone was hoping for a M1 but we got the three year old A12 instead. I guess Apple was afraid people would hack it to run MacOS.

    I mean, we absolutely would.  It's what we did with the 1st gen ATV.

    (Ok, that was running Mac OS already, but it did take a tiny bit of work to get Finder running on it.)
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