Netflix considering tackling Apple Arcade with its own gaming service

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Streaming video giant Netflix is reportedly developing a videogame service that sources describe as being similar to Apple Arcade.

The deliberately 1980s-style
The deliberately 1980s-style "Stranger Things" game from Netflix

Following initial reports that Netflix has been working to recruit game industry executives, more information has emerged about its potential plans for a gaming platform. A videogames service would be intended to build on both Netflix's 200 million subscribers, but also its previous efforts making a game around the show "Stranger Things."

According to Axios, two unnamed sources now say that the plans should be thought of "as a smaller Apple Arcade." It would be an ad-free collection of mobile games, exclusive to Netflix subscribers.

The sources stress that the plans are in early stages, and a launch is not expected before 2022 at the earliest. However, they also say that the games would be a mixture of newly commissioned titles, and games based on Netflix shows.

It's not decided yet whether the new commissions will go to existing games companies, or whether Netflix will develop them all in-house.

Netflix has not announced any direct plans, but did say in a statement that it has previously had success with games such as "Stranger Things," "La Casa de Papei," and more. "So we are excited to do more with interactive entertainment," it said.

The video streamer is currently subscribed to by around 50% of US households, but has been facing more competition from Disney+ and other services.

Currently, Netflix costs from $8.99 per month. Apple Arcade is available on its own for $4.99 per month, or in all tiers of the Apple One bundle. That offers Apple Arcade plus Apple Music and Apple TV+ from $14.95 per month.

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    BeatsBeats Posts: 3,073member
    Time for Apple to take gaming seriously?
  • Reply 2 of 7
    cpsrocpsro Posts: 3,154member
    The most innovative company in tech is actually working on tech?
  • Reply 3 of 7
    igorskyigorsky Posts: 726member
    Beats said:
    Time for Apple to take gaming seriously?
    Apple Arcade is not serious?
  • Reply 4 of 7
    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,761member
    Beats said:
    Time for Apple to take gaming seriously?
    There are rumors of an Arcade+ and an M1 or A14 ATV event this fall. AI has avoided these rumors, but they are out there. 
  • Reply 5 of 7
    auxioauxio Posts: 2,674member
    igorsky said:
    Beats said:
    Time for Apple to take gaming seriously?
    Apple Arcade is not serious?
    When it first launched, most of the games weren't compelling enough to play more than a handful of times.  But after I saw NBA 2K21 show up, I knew they were getting more serious about it.  Plays great on the new ATV.
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    chadbagchadbag Posts: 1,969member
    Good luck Netflix.   The only reason I subscribe to Netflix is because T-Mobile pays for most of it (yes technically I do as they could reduce their monthly charge if they didn’t provide it, but that is not something they do).   If I wanted a gaming service, I’d subscribe to Apple Arcade.

    very little compelling content on Netflix for me and games won’t add anything.  They’d be better off coming up with a better video service.   I just went and searched for about 10 older movies I’d like to watch.  Not one of them is available on Netflix.  Tons of anime (though my kids tell me they are slow to get new seasons), things I’ve never heard of, but not one of the 10 I searched for was available.  
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    danvmdanvm Posts: 1,341member
    Beats said:
    Time for Apple to take gaming seriously?
    You have to consider the possibility that Apple takes gaming seriously, but maybe they aren't that good on that market.  Just look at Apple Arcade and the gaming capabilities of ATV and even Macs.  
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