M1 iMac teardown reveals massive speaker chamber, Magic Keyboard Touch ID sensor



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    Alex_VAlex_V Posts: 225member
    I hope to buy the new large screen iMac whenever Apple, hopefully, launches it. It will replace my 6 year-old iMac Retina, which I repeatedly opened to replace the HDD (to upgrade and because of disk failure). iMacs tend to last long that I like to be able to upgrade the storage because, inevitably, my requirements outgrow the original capacity.
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    crowleycrowley Posts: 10,453member

    crowley said:
    "A lot of impressive engineering went into making this thing as thin as possible, but did anyone really need a thinner all-in-one desktop? Apple's priorities continue to baffle," the site wrote.
    Apple ships products by air, not only paying for weight but also for volume. So shipping smaller computers with less packing material does result in a cost savings. This savings is also realized again when a computer under warranty has to be shipped to Apple and returned to the user. Last but not least, a smaller computer requires less materials to build. In total there is a noticeable savings for Apple. Plus, it simply looks more stylish and the absence of the power supply in the case reduces the amount of heat that needs to be dissipated and the energy used to accomplish that cooling.
    And the number 1 thing consumers are asking for is lower shipping costs.
    Less waste, across manufacturing and transport both, is more of a concern than you’re aware of. I produced retail grocery store products and the industry absolutely considers them. It’s why we have light & square cartons for soup now instead of just heavier, round cans or jars.  
    The soup inside is the same though.  If Apple are compromising their design and scrimping on features in order to keep shipping costs down then that sucks for customers.
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    melgrossmelgross Posts: 33,565member
    People were saying the same thing about Tvs years ago. The fact is that most people do want the thinnest device, even when it doesn’t really matter. We have the same thing with cars. It’s a minor help to aerodynamics to have cars that are lower and harder to get in and out of, but that’s what people want there too.

    I think these look great. And I have no interest in repairing one myself.
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