Apple TV app comes to Android TV devices

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Apple has announced that its Apple TV app is now available for Android TV OS, bringing Apple TV+ content to more devices.

Just in time for the new season of
Just in time for the new season of "Ted Lasso," the Apple TV app comes to Android TV

Following the news that the Apple TV app has been released for the Android-based Nvidia Shield, Apple has now revealed that it is available for all Android TV devices.

Introducing a new member to our streaming roster. The Apple TV app is now available on #AndroidTV devices.

-- Apple TV (@AppleTV)

The announcement was made on Apple TV's Twitter account, which gave no further details. The new listing in the Google Play Store states that the only requirement is for devices to be running Android 8, also known as Android Oreo, or later.

As with its version on Apple TV 4K, the Apple TV app gives access both to Apple TV+ shows, and selected other channels.

The release on Android TV comes after the launch in February 2021 of the Apple TV app on Google's Chromecast with with Google TV.

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    BeatsBeats Posts: 3,073member

    But if it helps iTunes and Apple gain market share so be it.
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 17,995member
    I've been wondering about this.  I've purchased several budget 4K TVs over the past year, two for me and one for a family member.  So, I've been shopping.  In addition to inflation being real (prices are up about 20-30% vs. a year ago in this price range), I've noticed identical TV models with different OSes.  For example, you can buy a TCL 4K Roku TV or the exact same model "TCL 4K Android TV."   The thing is, I'm pretty sure the Roku OS is just a modified Android, even though I can't confirm this.  Roku has the AppleTV app. I suppose the Android TV didn't, until now.  

    FWIW and in case anyone is wondering, I'm very pleased with this price segment in terms of value and performance.  These aren't theater-grade TVs here.  They don't compare to a $3,000 Samsung, but they are great upgrades from 1080p TVs, great for family viewing, etc.  We have a 70" Onn. (Wal-Mart's brand) 4K HDR Roku TV.  For the money (it was less than $500 late last year), it is incredible.  I use that OS natively.  I also have a 55" TCL 4K HDR Roku TV for a "man cave."  I use that with an Apple TV 4K.  Here again, you can't beat it for the money (it was less than $300 at the time, though more expensive now).  Of course, I do fantasize about TV's like this. 

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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member
    The Apple Discussion Forums are full of people bitching about the Apple TV app on their so-called smart TVs. It must be a real FUBAB.
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