New iOS 14.7 beta causing 'SIM Failure' for some testers

in iPhone edited June 2021
Apple's iOS 14.7 beta 2 has reportedly been causing a number of developers' iPhones to be unable to make or receive calls.

Some reports claim the
Some reports claim the "SIM Failure" message is mostly affecting eSIM users

Shortly after Apple's release to developers of a second iOS 14.7 beta, multiple reports say that the update is causing problems with devices. It's not known how widespread the issue is, and Apple has not yet commented.

It's possible that it chiefly affects those developers who use an eSIM in their iPhones, rather than a physical SIM card. However, that's not confirmed.

Until Apple revises beta 2, developers are advised to avoid downloading the release. Note that this issue is specifically in the new beta that has now been released solely to developers. The earlier public beta is not affected.

PSA : "Sim failure" error after updating to #iOS 14.7 beta 2

-- Swagat samal (@Swagatsamal18)

The issue was first spotted by 9to5mac and has multiple Twitter users are confirming the problem.

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    I’m using an I'm on my iPhone 12 Max Pro, but thankfully I do not have this issue after installing of the beta. 
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