HomePod mini can be set as default speaker for Apple TV 4K in tvOS 15

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Starting in the fall of 2021, HomePod mini will be able to be set as the default speakers for your Apple TV 4K.

A feature previously restricted to the full-sized HomePod, Apple is bringing default output support to HomePod mini via tvOS 15. As it stands, HomePod mini acts like any AirPlay 2 speaker with your Apple TV and does not stay perpetually connected, forcing users to constantly reconnect. HomePod could be set as the default, but now that Apple has discontinued it, it left new users without an option.

Apple will be fixing that with multiple software updates rolling out this fall for both Apple TV 4K and HomePod mini. Apple will be relying on computation audio to set a sole HomePod mini or a stereo pair as the default audio output for any Apple TV content.

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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,958member
    I didn't realize HP mini didn't operate the same way as HPs did when it came to staying connected. Good to know they're fixing this, wish it hadn't been necessary...and that they didn't discontinue the non-mini, still love ours.
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    I was waiting for the new  tv 4K to be released before getting HomePods. In the meantime I purchased a couple of HomePod Minis. Now I have the new  tv 4K and was considering the now discontinued HomePods to add as my speakers to replace my Sonos Beam. I am now considering using a pair of HomePod Minis with the  tv 4K. I realise that the sound won’t be as good but i don’t feel comfortable with spending so much on discontinued products. I imagine that Apple will release new HomePods eventually, perhaps even HomePods Max? 
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    entropysentropys Posts: 4,221member
    Priced like airpods max? Keep your Sonos.
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    SkepticalSkeptical Posts: 183member
    Why would anyone want Mini's to replace a "real" home theater system? Yes, the Mini's are handy but come on, they are no where near a replacement for a true home theater system. Please do not fall for the Apple hype. If money is an issue then yes, get the Mini's but if you can afford say $10K for a real system then do that. My opinion only.
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    I may be setting myself up for disappointment here, but an Apple sound bar with an incorporated facetime camera, and maybe lidar for gestures and tracking, would be pretty amazing. Apple could also use multiple microphones not just for spacial audio, but also to focus on the person speaking during facetime calls. It would also be incredible to incorporate Apple Music Karaoke when and if that ever materializes.
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    JapheyJaphey Posts: 1,770member
    Maybe I missed it, but does this mean that the Mini’s will now also support universal audio pass through via eARC like the HomePods gained the ability to do last month? Or is it only for Apple TV content?
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    Japhey said:
    Maybe I missed it, but does this mean that the Mini’s will now also support universal audio pass through via eARC like the HomePods gained the ability to do last month? Or is it only for Apple TV content?
    I assumed that it would be for all content, not just  tv content. Why shouldn't it be the same functionality as the HomePods?
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