iPhone 12 silicone cases now available in Sunflower, Electric Orange, and Cloud Blue

in iPhone edited June 2021
Apple has introduced a trio of new case color options for its iPhone 12 device range, with users now able to select Sunflower, Cloud Blue, and Electric Orange coverings for their mobile devices.

Updated on Monday, the online Apple Store has increased the variety of colors customers can choose from if they want a Silicone Case with MagSafe for their mobile device. All three sizes of case include the new colors, covering the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

"Sunflower" is a bright yellow case color, while "Electric Orange is a more reddish orange than the previously-available "Kumquat." Lastly, "Cloud Blue" is a very light blue color.

The three additions now brings the total range of colors to 15 for that type of case, which counts mainstays like Product Red and White alongside newer options. The last update was on April 21, which introduced "Pistachio Green," "Cantaloupe," "Capri Blue," and "Amethyst Purple."

All three versions of the case are priced at $49 each.

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    Blows my mind that people will spend $50 on a silicone case that was probably made for $1.
    Amazon has just as good cases for like $10-$20
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    aa4aa4 Posts: 8member
    Blows my mind that people will spend $50 on a silicone case that was probably made for $1.
    Amazon has just as good cases for like $10-$20
    How can this blow your mind when people are buying designer t shirts for $1000 just because it has a brand name printed on it?
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    Long term reliability of Apple cases is much better than even well known 3rd party brands with comparable prices.  The cheap cases stay nice for a fraction of the time, but their price does justify buying 2-3 different colors/styles and swapping them out, something much less palatable with the Apple brand's prices.  Personally, I would trust my phone in an Apple case over a cheap 3rd party.  I believe the reliability and safety teams are doing much more complete and diligent testing than you are going to get from the low cost brands.
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