'iPad mini 6', Beats Studio Buds, iPad as a Pro Device on the AppleInsider Podcast

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This week, on the AppleInsider Podcast, your hosts discuss new "iPad mini 6" and "Apple Watch Series 7" leaks, plus Beats Studio Buds launch, Apple Podcast Subscriptions going live, and our hopes for iPad Pro.

Apple Podcast Subscriptions are now live and listeners can pay for bonus content, ad-free episodes, and other benefits directly in the app. At the same time, Facebook has also announced it are entering the podcast space with creators able to connect their RSS feeds to Facebook pages.

Jon Prosser shared renders of a redesigned "iPad mini 6", matching the style of iPad Air and iPad Pro. Along with its new design, rumors suggest a smaller Apple Pencil may launch with this device to match its size.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported on changes coming to the "Apple Watch Series 7" including a faster processor and extreme sports model. Users looking for glucose monitoring built into Apple Watch may have to wait for at least 2022, however, as that feature won't be ready this year.

Whereas Beats Studio Buds will now be available for purchase on June 24 and will retail for $149.99. These wireless earbuds include active noise cancellation and Transparency modes, but lack Apple's H1 and W1 chips. Unlike AirPods, the Beats Studio Buds will not sync across iCloud devices or automatically switch between Apple devices.

Finally, we revisit iPadOS 15 on the iPad Pro. The visual and navigation improvements to multitasking are welcome, but key features are still missing from the platform. For example: two apps are still unable to use the same USB-C audio device simultaneously.

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    judasjudas Posts: 14member
    You can use more than one audio app to access an audio interface at the same time. I’m thinking you need to talk to the app dev to see why they don’t use background audio.

    For example, i use AUM and Auria to access the same interface and same channels at the same time to record and route audio during live shows i put on. Both access it, both use it fine in the background at the same time. So i think it’s likely more an issue of how the app is written.

    Just a thought.

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