Many iCloud users still reporting Calendar spam issues

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Calendar spam is continuing to be an annoyance for many iCloud users, despite Apple's past attempts to mitigate the problem.

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple

Spam invitations on iCloud Calendar have been an issue for years, with the problem reaching a peak in 2016. However, despite a series of moves to address it, users are still reporting Calendar spam.

Over the weekend, a Reddit post complaining about Calendar spam garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, with many users chiming in to say that they still saw spam events on their own Calendar apps.

Apple appears to be aware that Calendar spam is a continuing problem. On June 4, the company posted a YouTube video detailing how to remove spam from the Calendar app.

Calendar spam often involves Apple users receiving an invitation through the app. However, declining the invitation will let a spammer know that an email is active and monitored, which often leads to continued spam.

Of course, dealing with received invitations also doesn't stop future Calendar spam. Some potential solutions could include creating a specific "Spam" calendar and redirecting invitations to it. This makes deleting spam invitations in bulk easier to do.

Apple in 2016 also introduced a spam reporting feature on the Calendar app, which could help the company deal with spammers on its end.

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    doozydozendoozydozen Posts: 539member
    So deleting the spam calendar does not remedy the issue?
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    Stop going to sketchy sites... 
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    davgregdavgreg Posts: 1,024member
    Why not a simple whitelist? If it is not on the list it does not pass?

    Another issue is that some spam messages that get blocked by my phone’s SW show on my Apple Watch which is tethered to it.
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