Apple has released slightly revised AirTag firmware

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The anti-stalking features of AirTag were updated in 1.0.276, and Apple has released a new version of that update to users.

Apple releases AirTag firmware version update
Apple releases AirTag firmware version update

Unlike other device operating systems, the AirTag does not have an update menu to control incoming updates install. Instead, users must wait for the update to install automatically.

The Twitter user "Apple Software Updates," not affiliated with Apple, shared that the AirTag firmware has been released on Wednesday afternoon. MacRumors has corroborated this tweet, stating that the firmware is now available.

Users can check the firmware version via the Find My app. Just tap on the "Items" tab, select an AirTag, then tap the battery icon below the device name to view the firmware version.

Users cannot verify if or when the update has been installed because while there is a way to check the version of the firmware, there is no way to check the build number. For instance, the new AirTag firmware version is 1.0.276 build number 1A287b, versus the old build number of 1A276d.

The update may be a further refinement to the anti-stalking features. Since Apple didn't release any notes about the firmware, it cannot be verified.

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