Logitech Combo Touch keyboard now available for iPad Air 4

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Logitech has debuted a new Combo Touch keyboard for Apple's 4th-generation iPad Air model that was released in 2020.

Credit: Logitech
Credit: Logitech

The Logitech Combo Touch is a folio-style keyboard case that includes a trackpad, offering a cheaper alternative to Apple's own Magic Keyboard. It's currently available for a range of iPad models, including the 2020 iPad Air as of Wednesday.

The updated version remains the same as the Combo Touch variants made for iPad Pro, but features a fit that's compatible with the iPad Air. The iPad Air 4 has a similar design to Apple's Pro-series tablets but sports a 10.9-inch display and a cheaper price tag.

Customers can preorder the Logitech Combo Touch for the iPad Air 4 from the company's website for $199.99. Amazon is also accepting preorders at MSRP.

Earlier in 2021, Logitech updated the Combo Touch keyboard for Apple's newly released iPad Pro models.

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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    Originally I bought a Logitech Keyboard case from the Apple Store for my grandson's iPad (6th Gen) it was OK but didn't have a trackpad or holder for the pencil.   But we had to replace it when some of the keys stopped working.   I found this on Amazon under "INI iPad keyboard case":
    iPad Keyboard Case for iPad 2018 6th Gen - iPad 2017 5th Gen - iPad Pro 97 - iPad Air 2amp1-360 Rotatable - WirelessBT - Backlit 7 Colors - iPad Case with Keyboard for iPad OS 97 Black

    It has a separate case for the iPad that fits into the keyboard shell/case so the iPad is still protected even it it is removed while serving in tablet mode.   And the pencil holder works very well -- it holds the Apple Pencil securely (It can be dislodged, but with normal care it is safe).  As you can see it has a trackpad (that works very well) and a backlit keyboard where you can select the color.  It can be recharged with a USB-C cord but that is hardly ever needed.   One thing you can't see here though is that it has a swivel so the tablet can be at an angle to the keyboard -- but we didn't find much use for that.

    All in all, it is a well designed, well built case that got us through Cyberschool  and was very helpful for things like science assignments that required both a tablet and pencil for diagrams, etc., as well as a lot of typing for "Please explain..." type questions.

    It's cost?  $59.95
    And they have other, similar cases for newer iPad models.

    $200 for another Logitech?   I don't think so.

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    MplsPMplsP Posts: 3,835member
    I’d be interested in a side by side comparison of the Logitech keyboard, Apple’s and Brydge’s version. I have a Logitech keyboard folio for my older iPad Pro that’s been awesome. At the time I got it it was cheaper, more functional and better than Apple’s offering. 

    The current Apple keyboard is excellent by all accounts, but it’s heavy and expensive, costing more than a base iPad. A good, cheaper and lighter option is nice to have. 
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    HeliBumHeliBum Posts: 129member
    I have a Logitech Folio Touch for my iPad Air 4 that has a keyboard and trackpad. What does this provide that the Folio Touch doesn't?

    EDIT: The difference appears to be that the keyboard on the Combo Touch is magnetically attached to the rest of the case whereas the keyboard and case are one piece on the Folio Touch. The biggest drawback to both cases is that they don't have a pocket for the pencil, making the pencil easy to knock loose.
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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,133member
    I have a Combo Touch for the iPad Pro 10.5” and it’s served me very well and has been more reliable than Apple’s basic iPad keyboard, which seems to lose connectivity with the smart connector periodically. 

    The only downsides are the added bulk and weight and the fact that I cannot pick up the iPad with the keyboard attached without the keyboard falling off. After the first time it fell off I learned to support the keyboard when moving the combo. 

    This keyboard and trackpad combo , along with the stellar job that Apple did with adding cursor support to iPadOS, totally changed my mind about the value of keyboards and pointing devices being used with iPad. 
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