Brilliant brings HomeKit to smart plug and wall switch

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Smart home purveyor Brilliant is completing its HomeKit rollout with a pair of new updates that brings Apple's smart home platform to its smart plug and in-wall switch alongside its wall panels.

Brilliant Wall Switch and Smart Wall Panels
Brilliant Wall Switch and Smart Wall Panels

Brilliant originally brought HomeKit to its smart wall panels, which we reviewed and loved, but it never made it to the plug or switch. Those debuted at CES 2020 and promised HomeKit, but it wasn't available at launch.

Now the company is following through with that promise. A free firmware update has been rolled out to Brilliant smart plug and switch owners that enable this functionality. That allows users to control the plug and switch via HomeKit -- whether through the Home app, Siri, or any automations.

The Brilliant in-wall switch is one of the most comprehensive to be released. On top is a motion sensor -- which does not integrate with HomeKit yet -- that can be used to turn the lights in the room on or off based on occupancy. In addition, it features a slider that can be used to dim or brighten the lights in the room.

A double-tap will trigger any lighting scene you've enabled in the Brilliant app, and a tap anywhere on the capacitive surface will turn the lights in the room on or off completely.

Unlike other smart wall switches, the Brilliant switch can be used in conjunction with existing smart bulbs. For example, if you have Hue bulbs installed in the fixtures controlled by the Brilliant switch, it will send the command to Hue and will never cut the bulbs from power.

Brilliant smart plug
Brilliant Smart Plug

The Brilliant Smart Plug is comparable to other smart plugs on the market and has a round facade with a physical power button on the side. It can be used in conjunction with the motion sensor on the Brilliant wall switch or smart wall panels.

Available now

You can grab the Brilliant Smart Plug on Amazon for $29.99, as well as the in-wall dimmer switch for $69. The switch is available in white, black, grey, and light almond.

The Brilliant smart wall panels are also available with HomeKit support starting at $299 for a single switch design and going up to $449 for a four-switch setup.


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