'iPhone 13 Pro' case points to camera bump size increase

in iPhone edited July 2021
Images shared by a leaker show the iPhone 12 Pro in an alleged "iPhone 13 Pro" case, which indicates a large increase in camera bump size for the model.

(left) 'iPhone 13 Pro' case shared by UnclePan (right) 'iPhone 13 Pro Max' case shared by DuanRui
(left) 'iPhone 13 Pro' case shared by UnclePan (right) 'iPhone 13 Pro Max' case shared by DuanRui

The "iPhone 13 Pro" is expected to receive multiple camera improvements. Upgrades to the lens size and stabilizers may require a change to the camera bump.

According to images posted by "UnclePan" on Weibo, the "iPhone 13 Pro Max" is getting the big camera bump increase. iMore shared a separate post from known leaker DuanRui that claims UnclePan is incorrect, that his image is of the "iPhone 13 Pro" case.

DuanRui shared images of a different iPhone case, this time claiming it was the proper "iPhone 13 Pro Max" case. These images show a much smaller increase in the "iPhone 13 Pro Max" camera bump size.

Figure 1-3 shows that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is placed in the iPhone 13 Pro Max case.

Figure 4 shows that the iPhone 12 Pro is placed in the iPhone 13 Pro case.

It seems that the description given in the previous "UnclePan" is wrong.

via https://t.co/3ddKJcWGNq pic.twitter.com/HdbS7VBI7x

-- DuanRui (@duanrui1205)

Either way, the images still offer the idea that the "iPhone 13 Pro" could see a big jump in camera bump size. This could mean better low light performance and stabilization that is included in the current iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The images shared may not be a true indication of what the "iPhone 13" camera bump is like. Case manufacturers attempt to get ahead of Apple's fall release cycle by producing cases using rumored device dimensions.

These cases could be using real dimensions, but there is no way to be certain until Apple releases the devices in the fall.

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    mike1mike1 Posts: 3,312member
    That certainly is not an Apple prototype case, so therefore it is complete nonsense. Apple does not share these details with most, if any, third parties. All these suppliers prototype multiple designs based on the best info (rumors) and then produce the correct design after Apple releases the new models. That lag between new iPhone announcement and shipping is when they rush to produce.
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